This “Privacy Policy” (“Policy”) applies to all “Users” (“You”, “Your”) of Rangeful LSEZ SIA (“We”, “Us”, “Our”) of the company “website” (“Website”). Please read the Policy carefully before placing your order. We may make changes to the Policy over time. Please re-read it before making any new purchases.

In accordance with the requirements of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data, on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/ EC (General Data Protection Regulation) (the “Regulation”), we include all necessary information in the Policy.

Your Data Controller:

Name: Rangeful LSEZ SIA
Reg. No: 50203309691
Legal Address: Cieceres 46A, Liepaja, LV-3407, Latvia
Office Address: Satiksmes 6, Liepaja, LV-3401, Latvia
Phone: +371 25 444 666

For the purposes of the Regulation, personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. When you use the services of our website, you provide us with your personal data and grant us the right to process and use them in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Privacy Policy and Ordering Rules (hereinafter referred to as “Rules”).

We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and website visitors, including your privacy and security. When you use the services of our website, you show us your trust. We appreciate this and respect the importance of the privacy and confidentiality of your information. We adhere to the principle of minimizing personal data – we avoid requesting, collecting, or processing personal data that is not necessary to achieve the goal of purchasing goods, services, or obtaining information. We respect your privacy and do everything we can to keep your personal information safe. We do not allow unsolicited letters to be sent and will never allow the sale or rental of your personal information (name, address, email address, etc.). We will only share information with third parties based on a legitimate request, contract, or your consent.

You are responsible for the authenticity of the information when you place an order or contact customer service. You confirm that you are not under 16 years of age and agree not to take any action contrary to the website’s security. We are not responsible for any incorrect, incomplete, or inaccurate information you provide to us. By using our website and/or purchasing products and/or services, you acknowledge that you understand and agree to be bound by any changes to this policy.

If you do not agree with this policy or any of the definitions contained herein, please do not use the services of our website.

1. what data do we collect and process

When you make a purchase or contact customer service, you provide us with your personal data. Providing personal data is mandatory when making a purchase, as you will not be able to purchase without this data.

We collect and store the following data:
– First name and last name of the customer
– telephone number
– E-mail address
– Address of delivery of products or services or/and residence

We process but do not store the following impersonal data:
– Cookies.

Private information is used only to ensure the full provision of services and to communicate with customers. Personal identity number is required by Section 7(9) of the Law on Accounting of the Republic of Latvia.

2. payment information

When you pay for products and services offered on our website, we may collect and process the following information:
– Your bank account number;
– Name of the banking authority.

We do not receive any information about your bank payment card, and it is not processed.

3. purpose of the processing of your personal data

We use the information we collect about you for the following purposes:
– to sell our goods and services;
– to properly process and deliver your order;
– to provide warranty and post-warranty support;
– to answer your questions and provide you with information;
– to provide you with personalized access to our website;
– to manage your profile, if you have one on our website;
– to compile anonymous statistics about your use of the website;
– for accounting purposes.

We do not intend to further process personal data for purposes other than those for which it was collected.

4. legal grounds for processing your personal data

We will only process your personal data based on your consent. We may obtain your personal data only from you and only when you use the services of our website, for example, when you place an order, contact customer service, use a feedback form or email.

Providing personal data is a prerequisite to completing a customer order and successfully providing a service on our behalf. Without your personal data, we will not be able to invoice you and deliver the product.

By accepting this policy and continuing to use our website services, you are giving us your consent to process your personal data.

5. disclosure of data to third parties

Third parties may be controllers of personal data that help us provide services to you. In each case, We will transfer only the amount of data necessary to perform a specific task or provide a specific service to processors. Third parties associated with us may only process your personal data for the purposes specified. It may not be used for any other purpose or disclosed to any other person without our consent. Processors will ensure that your personal data is protected following applicable law and by written agreement with us.

Personal data may be transferred to the competent national authorities and administrative authorities, including law enforcement authorities, such as the police or other supervisory authorities, but only if necessary and following the procedures laid down in the legislation.

6. transfer of data to third countries

We do not transfer personal information and other data to third countries.

7. how long do we store your data

We store the customer’s personal information for 10 years for:
– to provide the purchased goods with warranty and post-warranty support;
– to contact you regarding your inquiry;
– for accounting purposes;
– to manage your preferences and rights.

After 10 years, we will destroy personal data.

8. how is data protection organized?

Our website is stored in one of the most trusted data centers in the world. To protect your personal data, we use all the possibilities of our service provider, including permanent physical protection against unauthorized access and encryption around the clock.

The following measures, among others, guarantee the security of our website:
– Encryption of data transmission using the SSL standard;
– personal data is stored on servers in encrypted form;
– Access to personal information and data is limited and only available to designated and authorized employees of our company using 2FA (two-factor authentication) and SSH authentication with the private key;
– 24-hour physical and technical guarding of the facility;
– 24-hour video surveillance of the data processing center;
– physical authentication of personnel 24 hours a day.

9. user rights

The law on personal data protection, including the Regulation, gives you a number of rights, and we must ensure that you can take advantage of them:
– You can opt-out of receiving emails at any time by using a link in electronic letters or by changing the settings for receiving messages in your profile on our website;
– You have the right to withdraw your consent to data processing. You may enter your profile on our website and withdraw your consent to data processing at any time, which will serve as a basis for terminating data processing;
– You have the right to access your data. We shop and process your personal data as you have indicated in your profile on our website. You can access your profile on our website and access your personal data at any time;
– You have the right to correct your data. You can access your profile on our website at any time and correct your data, except the email address used as your username in our system. Once you correct your data in your profile on our website, your data will also be automatically corrected in our system;
– You have the right to have your data deleted or “forgotten.” You must understand and accept the risks associated with deleting your personal information, such as our inability to identify you as a customer when we contact Customer and Warranty Services; the difficulty or inability to identify your purchase when you contact Warranty Services; the difficulty or complete inability to recover purchase records in the event of loss; and other risks. However, if we determine that continued storage of your personal data is necessary to comply with our lawful obligation, we will be entitled to continue to shop the personal data;
– you have the right to restrict the data processing. If deletion of personal data is not desirable or not possible, you may exercise your right to restrict data processing. The term “restriction” means that, apart from storage, your personal data will only be processed with your consent or to assert, exercise, or defend legal claims or to protect the rights of another natural or legal person;
– You have the right to data portability. You can always enter your profile on our website, where your data will be created in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. You have the possibility to copy and transfer your personal data and to transfer your personal data to another controller;
– You have the right to object to data processing where your personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes. We do not and will not use personal data for marketing purposes;
– You have the right to complain with the data protection supervisory authority if you have claims against our company’s processing of personal data.

You can exercise your rights by entering your profile on our website or submitting a request form. We will respond to your request within 30 days of receipt. If your request is extensive and complex, we may extend the time limit to a maximum of two months. If you are exercising your rights, please be prepared to prove your identity. You are entitled to exercise your rights free of charge. If we consider a request manifestly unfounded or excessive, we may charge a fee to cover administrative costs. Your requests will be stored together with your personal data.

10. changes to the policy

We review our confidentiality policy at regular intervals. We will post any changes on this page. This Privacy Policy became effective on May 24, 2021, and was last updated on November 10, 2021.