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Our Team

Rangeful is a completely new approach to solving communication problems. Unlike conventional stores and service centers, we create turnkey solutions ourselves. From the idea and search to manufacturing and testing. At every stage, only real specialists. Practitioners such as engineers, developers and installers are responsible for the quality of products.

We know more. We can do better

  • Only strong professional practitioners
  • We will provide you with connection even where it is very difficult
  • We delve into the task. We offer real solutions

Vadims Kalejs - Rangeful

Vadims Kalejs CEO +371 25 444 666

Founder of Rangeful. For over 12 years he has been distributing network solutions in Northern and Eastern Europe. He has experience in the development of large niche brands, played an important role in the formation of the market of means for improving the quality of communication that exists today in Eastern Europe.

I stood at the origins of the development of communications infrastructure in Europe. Developing niche brands, for many years I dreamed of a mobile, smart, flexible company that would not be burdened by the shortcomings of large companies.
My goal was a project that could easily solve any communication problem, relying not on heavyweight standard solutions, but on elegant point solutions. A company where everything is run not by theorists and marketers, but by real professionals.

And then I created Rangeful.

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