Rangeful GSM Repeaters – Order Eco-Friendly Online!


Ecology is a central concern for us.

We are committed to collecting and disposing of old electrical equipment purchased from us free of charge. Since last year, this has also applied to third-party equipment. For this purpose, we offer a take-back system together with Zaļā josta SIA. You can find more information here: zalajosta.lv

Important information for end consumers and private households:

All electrical appliances that can be used in private households are marked with the crossed-out dustbin symbol. This symbol indicates that WEEE must be collected separately from unsorted municipal waste. Waste equipment must not be disposed of with household waste.

End users have the possibility to hand in their WEEE at our collection points. You can find an overview of all WEEE collection points at atkritumi.lv.

Used batteries and accumulators that are not enclosed in the device must be separated from the device before being returned to a collection point.

You are responsible for deleting personal data from the device you wish to dispose of.

For private households, it is also possible to hand in old devices at municipal collection points.