Rangeful was established in 2021. The founder, Vadims Kalejs, a practitioner in the development and implementation of complex products, has been developing the infrastructure for improving communication for several large brands in Northern and Eastern Europe for over 12 years.

The main difference and the main competitive advantage of the company is its reliance on powerful technical potential and engineering. Implementation of actually working products rather than just marketing. Sleek point solutions for individuals, small and medium-sized businesses within regular budgets.

Rangeful repeaters and complex amplification systems provide a stable connection for every client. Even when working with complex input, we will find options that will permanently solve the problem of weak communication for you. Where Rangeful comes in, communication is no longer a problem.

About us
About us



What are we creating?

Professional premium products to enhance your communication. Any input, any level of complexity and implementation.

How do we create it?

  • The first component is a point study of the problem for each specific case.

  • The second component is offering our own products based on real needs, not marketing interests.

  • The third component is premium quality products, which are developed and implemented by Rangeful specialists.

The bottom line?

We will provide you with a stable budget connection anywhere in Europe. Even in those cases when other companies cannot help or offer too expensive solutions.

4 must-haves from Rangeful


It’s modern. We create awesome products using only the most modern technologies. We are practitioners and professionals, we do not recognize old and weak technologies.

It’s simple and convenient. We are quick to implement, and the products are easy to use. All Rangeful products are designed to be handled by even a child.

This is tailored to you. We are always looking for a solution that solves the problem 100%. Not a cliched “should help”, but a specific “will definitely help you”.

This is for sure. The work is done only when the problem is completely, unconditionally solved. Only when the client says “wow, that’s great.”

About us

Company’s mission

Creation of a simple and transparent system for providing stable communication without regard to location. Formation of a clear principle “Connect anywhere, if it’s Rangeful”, which is one of the hard facts.

Company values

We value professionalism, which is combined with true moral values. Best practices without self-interest and lies. Promises followed by actions. Decency in its smallest manifestations. We advocate friendship with the client, not just the pursuit of benefits.

Company vision

We believe and know that thanks to professionalism and a special approach to clients, it is possible to completely change the niche of strengthening communication. Heavyweight universal schemes will be replaced by elegant point solutions for everyone. Rangeful practices this approach, and in the future, we strive to make it a trend in the whole Europe.